Sunday, November 22, 2009

what is real/what is illusion

What is real is what is Here as a fact -- it is not beautiful at all. The truth as what is Here is the abuse, the atrocities, the sufferings and pains, the ugliness -- inequality -- those that we judged as "bad". This can not be denied. What is the illusion is what we have created as the postive/good/right within denial/ as an attempt to escape from what is here as the abuse/atrocities/sufferings /pains/ugliness which is balanced out as the negative/bad/wrong and judged/denied/resisted. As long as we exist in polarity, we will not be able to face the problems that is HERE but only escaping from what is HERE, running in cycles. The negative is Here -- we escape from the negative by pursuing the positive and judging/denying/resisting the negative thus existing in illusion -- the illusion can only last for so long and the truth reveals as the negative that is Here -- we escape again. This is how the polar cycles continue. The cycle continues because we are escaping from Here as the problem/we are only deceiving ourselves/we are only sweeping the problems under the carpet/we are not willing to face the problems/we are not willing to deal with the problem.

So the first point that must be clear is that we must stand one and equal Here with the truth of this reality -- the truth of ourselves -- not what we think we are/not what we think we should be which are all illusions; but what is actually Here as the truth. This is the first step towards REAL change -- as long as we exist in illusory polarities we are only running in cycles. With the truth revealing, I tend to escape/judge/deny/resist, but I have to will myself to see. Stand one and equla Here with all and everything that is Here without judgement/denial/resistance by removing the illusion as polarity that is hiding the truth.

Being willing to face the truth that we naturally tend to escape/deny/reisist/judge is an indication that we are serious in real change. This is self-directiveness within self-honesty. I went into depression and self-defeat previously when i faced the truth that is me Here and escaped from me Here until the truth that is me Here revealed directly in front of my face. I cannot deny it. I can not allow myself to go into self-defeat/powerlessness/helplessness/abdication of self-responsibility. I have to will myself to stand up within the revealed truth as me Here that is not beautiful at all and direct myself and my world as me.

Within standing up from what is Here, i direct myself and my world within consideration of what is best for all to stand as/live/manifest who i really am as Life as all as one as equal. This is real self-transformation/real change.

What is real does not mean it has to be accepted as it is. Inequality/abuse/atrocity/sufferings/pain is real yet it can not be allowed to continue because this is not the image and likeness of who we really are as Life as all as one as equal. We have to direct what is Here that is currently self-abuse to transform ourselves into/live/manifest who we really are as Life as all as one as equal Here. Self-transformation can only happen Here. We can only transform what is Here. Within mind illusion reality as consciousness, real change is impossible.

Life as equality currently exist as WILL in action not yet an actual living expression. And inequality currently exist as actual physical manifestation. So what is Here is the acutal physical manifestation of inequality as self-abuse and the compulsory WILL of Life as equality to stop the self-abuse as inequality and mainfest Life as equality Here in the physical until it is done. What is illusion and what is preventing the manifestation of Life is the concepts/ideas of Love/beauty/bliss/equality that is hiding the truth of abuse/atrocity/suffering/pain/inequality in this world.

(1)Apply self-forgiveness to peel off the deception/illusion of the positive as good/right/love/beauty/bliss/equality etc and the judgement/denial/resistance towards the negative as bad/wrong/hate/ugliness/abuse/atrocity/suffering/pain/inequality etc.

(2)Stand equal and one Here with the ugliness/abuse/atrocity/suffering/pain/inequality without judgement/denial/resistance/self-defeat and stand up as Life as all one as equal.

(3)Direct what is Here as myself as my world as myself within the consideration of what is best for all to transform what is Here as the ugliness/abuse/atrocity/suffering/pain/inequality into the reflection/standing/mainfestation of who i really am as Life as all as one as equal until it is done.

All the three steps can only be self-directed within self-honesty.

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