Monday, November 9, 2009

Muscle Testing

I want to share a few tips i discovered in muscle testing.

I've heard of muscle testing months before. I thought it was really interesting and searched other videos about muscle testing on Youtube. It seems to be very easy to see other people do it but i had difficulty in it. The main problem is that i did not trust muscle testing because it gave me an impression that i am just manipulating myself to get an result since i am applying it on myself -- the muscle is under my control -- i can lock it or unlock it consciously. How do i know whether it is the command/thought in my mind controlling the muscle or it is the substance through the muscle communicating? For example, how do i know that it is the muscle itself unlocking as a response and it is not me consciously/deliberately moving my arm to pretend that it is an unlock signal? It is like: "This is my muscle. Only i can tell my muscle to lock or unlock consciously. How the hell can the muscle respond by itself? It is impossible. " With such a preconceived idea, the lock and unlock signal I received is actually me deliberately consciously holding/moving my arm as a secret cooperation when i say "Lock for me. Unlock for me." and it is not the muslce itself responding as a lock/unlock signal. So i can not trust the result because i know it is a result of the influence from my mind. Thus the first point that i need to clear up is that i have to realize the muscle itself or more precisely the substance through the muscle can give a lock/unlock signal without my mind consciously deliberately holding/moving my arm to fake a lock/unlock. I have to let go of my desire to control my muscle and give the muslce an opportunity to give an authentic response. The practical way to do this that i 'pretend' that the whole testing arm is not mine, it is another person's arm, i am not in control of this arm, i am only testing on it, the response is totally entirely given by the muscle itself not from my influence. Within this, i found that the muscle can lock/unlock by itself, not from my conscious control. Say i am testing the brachioradialis muscle in my right arm and i put my left hand/fingers on the right wrist. I completely let go of my control of my right arm, 'pretending' that it is another person's arm. And my focus is entirely on the possible pressure that i may experience on my LEFT hand/fingers on the right wrist. The focus is also a crucial point for me. If i focus on the testing arm, being concerned with whether it is locked or unlocked, i may not pay enough attention to notice the pressure i felt on my hand/fingers. The pressure felt on the hand/fingers is the indicator whether the muscle is locked or unlocked. When the muscle is locked, the pressure i felt on the hand/fingers on the wrist is distinctly stronger than when the muscle is unlocked.

To sum up the tips i found in muscle testing:
(1)Let go of control of the testing arm (pretend that it is another person's arm).
(2)Focus on the hand/fingers on the wrist of the testing arm.
(3)The singal of lock/unlock is picked up by pressure felt on the hand/fingers on the wrist of the testing arm: strong pressure - lock; weak pressure - unlock.

Then i made an interesting test using muscle communication. How many lives have i had on earth? I asked my muscle a series of questions like" Is it larger than 1000? Is it smaller than 1500? " to narrow down the interval to finally find out that i have already had 1141 lives on earth. It is really a surprise to find out that i have been here for so long.

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