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Equal Money System FAQ: How will addictions be handled?

How will addictions be handled?

The extensiveness of addiction problems in the current system is due to its nature of not supporting life. The current economic system is based on survival. Life in the current system for many has become a constant struggle. People who have addictions such as alcohol or drugs mainly use them to escape reality and suppress themselves because they are not satisfied with life. The addictions create a hiding place where one does not face and deal with the true reality but try to forget everything or seek high experiences in illusionary realities in the mind, within which one actually becomes more defeated and abdicate self-responsibility and just accept self as a slave. Within the EMS, all people’s basic physical needs are met through providing an equal amount of money that is sufficient for the person to live a dignified life from birth to death. Thus there won’t be any survival stress that haunts anyone and we can actually start to give us the opportunity to explore what it means to live for the first time. People no longer have the motive to suppress themselves through using alcohol or drugs in order to escape reality and go into illusionary realities, because now they can find happiness and enjoy themselves in real life. Thus addiction problems will drop exponentially in the EMS. The EMS is a fundamental solution to get rid of the root of addiction problems.

In the current unequal abusive economic system, abuses related to addictions are actually promoted because of profit and greed instead of being stopped/intervened/prevented based on the principle of what is best for all. Have you ever wondered why alcohol is legal while drugs are illegal? Is it really because alcohol is less harmful and destructive than drugs? A scientific research [1][2] done by British researchers in 2010 shows ‘Presenting a new scale of drug harm that rates the damage to users themselves and to wider society, the scientists rated alcohol the most harmful overall and almost three times as harmful as cocaine or tobacco.’ ‘Professor David Nutt, chairman of the ISCD, whose work was published in the Lancet medical journal, said the findings showed that ‘aggressively targeting alcohol harms is a valid and necessary public health strategy.’ He said they also showed that current drug classification systems had little relation to the evidence of harm.’ If alcohol being legal is not based on the evidence of harm, what is it based on then? It all boils down to money! One major reason why alcohol is legal while drugs are illegal is because alcohol brings in far more money in tax to the government. When money comes into play everything else gives way. The consequences however are the prevalence of abuses due to alcohol consumption. In the family situation a major cause of child abuse, sexual abuse and domestic violence is due to the effect alcohol has on people using it to suppress themselves and become possessed by their anger and frustration and exert them onto other family members which may cause traumatic experiences or even physical harms on other family members – usually children and women. “The World Health Organization estimates that risks linked to alcohol cause 2.5 million deaths a year from heart and liver disease, road accidents, suicides and cancer -- accounting for 3.8 percent of all deaths. It is the third leading risk factor for premature death and disabilities worldwide.[1]” Within the EMS profit and greed are removed and what is best for all is the basic law. Such atrocities and abuses cannot be tolerated. Once the facts and effects of alcohol are researched thoroughly and are known to all we will all agree on the decision that alcohol should be outlawed. This is an act of intervention/prevention that is best for all rather than deliberate promotion of abuse based on profit as is in the current economic system.

In the EMS people who have developed addiction problems will be assisted immediately and effectively. Eventually technology will allow one’s DNA to be read and according to the output of a person’s DNA the person’s physical-chemical-psychological condition can be detected. Thus if there is an addiction problem it will be reflected on the output of the reading signal of DNA. The person can thus receive immediate assistance and support from necessary professionals at early stages of developing such a problem. There will be also a lot of changes with regards to psychology and psychiatry[11]. In the current system psychology and psychiatry are driven by the motive of making money from the patients and thus the patients’ problems are deliberately not cured actually so that they can continue to be exploited. In the EMS such things cannot be tolerated. Research being done will be focused on discovering the actual reasons for human being’s dysfunctional problems and find real effective practical solutions.














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Equal Money System FAQ: Cars - who will make them and who will get one

Cars - who will make them and who will get one

Cars are practical tools in the transportation system for us to move around to different locations physically in the world. So cars will still be manufactured and distributed in the Equal Money System. This can be part of the transportation system within the global logistical system for the support and distribution to all equally in EMS. How exactly that is going to work we will all have to decide within the principle of what is best for all.

Practically there exists the necessity of both public transportation such as trains, buses and private transportation such as personal cars.

In the current consumerism economic system, people are promoted to buy and use personal cars as much as possible because of the profit linked to the car industry, which is currently also directly connected to the massive profit-involved oil industry through the dependency of oil consumption by cars. Because of the system is driven by profit and greed rather than consideration of practical living, cars as well as other products in the current system are not made to last long. They have to break so that people can buy more. More products are sold, more profits are gained. Cars with lower quality have to be deliberately manufactured to serve the need of those with lower income. It does not make sense to produce a product with a lower quality when we have the ability to produce it in higher quality, does it? Why not produce all of the products in the highest possible quality? Yet that is what is promoted in our current economic system - a system without common sense. In the EMS this will change. The EMS is based on the principle of what is best for all – a principle of practical common sense. Profit and greed will no longer be the driving force but consideration of life, practical functionality and expression. All cars will be manufactured in the highest possible quality. So that people driving in the car can be well protected rather than injured or die in case of an accident because the car is deliberately made of a lower quality due to profit factor.

From a common sense consideration, it is also still necessary to have a person get a license to ensure their qualification before they drive a vehicle so that they actually know how to drive and what to do in different situations when driving a vehicle so that it does not cause potential danger to anyone. That is best for everyone’s safety.

The various brands of cars will not exist in the EMS. If you look at all the brands in the current system, what is the actual practical functionality of them? Is there actually any? Do they hold value merely because people believe in them through advertisement to generate ideas/beliefs/desires within people’s minds so that more products can be sold and more profits can be gained?

The air pollution problem of vehicle exhaust can also be solved more easily when the profit and cost factors do not stand in the way in the EMS. Our current technology has already been able to make cars that do not depend on oil and pollute the air, but use water, electricity, hydrogen, or compressed air etc and thus more friendly to the environment. The major resisting factor to the implementation of these solutions is still profit. In the current system, the car industry and the oil industry are dependent on each other. If cars no longer use oil, the oil companies will lose profit. In the EMS, with the removal of the profit factor, we will all be able to make informed decisions on what fuel we use for cars within the principle of what is best for all. That of course includes the consideration of our influence on the environment we live in – on the air that we breathe because everything we produce and place into our environment will have an influence back onto ourselves. We have to consider the consequences of what we do onto our environment and thus onto ourselves.

With regards to who will get a car in the EMS that will depend on whether there is such a need for a car. Each one having a car is not necessarily practical. If there are too many cars in this world, there may not be enough space among cars for the traffic to move effectively or enough places to park cars. Imagine the extreme situation where the surface of the whole planet is covered with cars then not even one car can move. Of course the effects of too many cars do not have to get to such an extreme to be revealed. You only need to consider the hours wasted in traffic jams each day you go to work or when you spent half an hour finding a parking lot. Cars are supposed to make life easier not the opposite. Implementing more effective public transportation is a suggested practical solution. In the current economic system, the public transportation is not designed and functioning at its fullest potential. One reason is the profit-driven factor to promote the car industry so the public transportation is suppressed. If we establish well developed effective public transportation such as bus, train, and subway etc, people will start to realize the merit of public transportation and may start to like taking them because it is practical. Then we can effectively reduce the unnecessary amount of cars and help solving the corresponding traffic issues. It is also possible that we can find practical solutions to solve the current traffic problems even without reducing the amount of cars so that the transportation system is more private-transportation based. So there may still exist the two aspects of public transportation and private transportation in the transportation system in EMS. We will just have to see and decide how exactly to make these two aspects work together as effectively as possible.

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Equal Money System FAQ: Do I still have to clean other people’s toilets in an EMS?

Let’s have a look at what could possibly be implied within the question with regards to the point of cleaning toilets being mentioned specifically.

In the current world, cleaning toilet is usually seen as a dirty/shitty job and people doing such a job are usually not well respected. It seems to be a custom that our society value mental work much more than physical work. We have, for instance, theoretical physicists developing theories about the universe with eleven dimensions, which is mostly mental work and such scientists have a relatively high status in society. We also have for example plumbers doing the ordinary maintenance work to help fix a leaking pipe if there is such a problem and they have a relatively low social status. Of course, ‘relatively’ is measured according to the current accepted value system of this world.

Our current value system is born from and in turn supports our economic system, which has a lack of recognition of and respect for actual physical living. If you have a look at what actually supports us to exist and function in the physical world – it is the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the house/shelter we live in, the cars/buses we use to move around and the maintenance system that keeps them functioning properly and also some other aspects. However we have taken for granted these physical aspects that allow us to exist and function in this physical reality. How often do we even consider where the food comes from, who made the clothes we wear? What provides the foundation for us to do the so perceived more valuable creative expressive mental work? Why are we so obsessed with the mental delusional alternate realities keeping the current destructive economic system continuing through our participation while destroying this one physical reality that we all exist in together? In the context of the current economic system and the corresponding promoted value system, we do not care and respect that which actually matters which is matter – the physical and the practical living in the physical. That is the problem. And that will change in the Equal Money System.

In the Equal Money System Life is value. That which supports life is valued. Each human being born into this world will receive the same amount of money that is necessary to live a dignified life. Thus survival is out of the equation of living. In terms of cleaning other people’s toilets, in the current system people do it most likely due to lack of money to survive – thus from that perspective it will no longer exist in the EMS because the person’s basic ‘survival needs’ will have been taken care of. We no longer have slaves working for us just because they need money to survive! In the EMS, they can explore and enjoy life as everyone else equally. Each one will take equal responsibility in doing the work necessary for a functioning life. Cleaning toilet regularly is part of such necessary work. It is practical that each one clean one’s own toilet. Or if people who live or work together are sharing a restroom, they can work out a schedule for example to take turns in cleaning toilets on a weekly basis so that each one takes equal responsibility. But still it is not about cleaning other people’s toilets – it is about taking equal responsibility in the necessary work and each one is actually doing it for themselves.

There are also other kind of areas that are critical to the quality of each one’s life on earth, such as agriculture/food production and distribution, the manufacturing of clothing, energy production such as energy, sewage system building and maintenance etc. To ensure these basic supports are provided to everyone, it will be done through a system of conscription – where everyone who finishes school will do 4 years of mandatory labor in any one of those areas required to support the basic support system of the world. In the current system, one can abdicate responsibility of doing such necessary work through using money to buy ‘freedom’ and let those who need money to survive to do all such work. Our current value system of disrespect for physical work is actually glorification of slavery. The four-year labor in areas of the basic support system can be a cool experience to educate ourselves about what it takes to make our life in the physical world function and it could be fun. I myself would definitely enjoy having such an experience of exploring and discovering myself and the world within which I have taken so much for granted and almost knew nothing about.

Within the EMS through reeducating ourselves with how to live practically in the physical and take equal responsibility in the necessary work for our life to function, we may have a different view on cleaning toilet and not see it as such a dirty/shitty job which is but shaped and limited by the current value system that supports slavery instead of life as equality.

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