Friday, June 3, 2011

Suicide and Free Will/Free Choice

Note: the following is based on an article I published in my Chinese blog on Octobor 1, 2009, which I am now moving here to my English blog with some modifications.

Human beings are so obsessed with the idea of Free Will/Free Choice that we would do all and everything to protect such a belief as if it is the very proof of our dignity as human beings, while never realizing that Free Will/Free Choice never existed and that it is but a beLIEf and ILLusion.

There is even a philosophy justifying suicide as the demonstration of Free Will/Free Choice: "I can not choose my birth, but i can choose my death. My consciousn deliberate choice of death is the proof that i have Free Will/Free Choice. I would use suicide as my last protection and defense of my belief in Free Will/Free Choice. Within suicide, the meaning of my existence as Free Will/Free Choice is demonstrated."

While the reason human beings would use such drastic means as suicide as the last defense of Free Will/Free Choice in the first place is because we know that we do not have Free Will/Free Choice in the real world. We know it very clearly. However, we treasure Free Will/Free Choice so much that we define it as our very meaning of existence and we can not live without it. That's why we will seek all and every possible way to demonstrate we have Free Will/Free Choice which we have defined as who we are as our very meaning of existence. Well, in reality the belief of Free Will/Free Choice is an illusion. Within desperation, the only place that seems to be able to demonstrate our faith in Free Will/Free Choice is death. --"I choose to die the way i like. I end my life the way I like. I make this decision of killing myself with free will on purpose. See, i have free will. See, i have free choice. See, i have fulfilled the meaning of my existence within my deliberate choice of death."

What are we actually saying? Oh, Free Will/Free Choice! You are my God! I can not live without you! You are the very meaning of my existence! I would sacrifice myself for you! Take me! Accept me! I honour you!

Unfortunately, the Free Will to die/Free Choice of death is also an illusion, preprogrammed preordained as a system. Human beings actually have no power over death. Human beings can not control death.

Free Will/Free Choice is the polarity manifestation of oppresion and control, which we use to deceive ourselves and attempt to escape from reality. Any better way to control you while giving you the illusion of Free Will/Free Choice? The best slaves are those that do not know they are slaves.

See this world. Where have Free Will/Free Choice brought us? Where are we? What are we experiencing day in and day out? Pathetic self-deceptive self-manipulative illusions! This is a vivid demonstration of a tragedy -- Human Beings...

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