Friday, May 6, 2011

Stability in Removing Polarity

I was confused when I heard that I am required to release polarity, such as good/bad, right/wrong, positive/negative. How can I live without them? This question itself indicates that I have lived according to polarities, with which I used to define what is acceptable and what is not acceptable - the good/right/positive is acceptable and the bad/wrong/negative is unacceptable - particularly in the construct of morality as morality is based on polarity. The result of living according to polarity is seeking/desiring good/right/positive while repeling/rejecting/resisting/denying the bad/wrong/negative. I feared that if I were to release the polarity construct, I would have no reference as to what is acceptable what is unacceptable. I applied self-forgiveness to release the polarity construct with such a hidden fear. And the result is that I created/manifested such a fear where I had no reference of deciding what is acceptable and what not - thus I was very unstable and struggled a lot.

Also there was the perception/idea/belief that if something is not good, it must be bad and thus unacceptable and if something is not bad, it must be good and thus acceptable. This polarity flipping also manifested - I turned myself into the complete opposite of what I lived before. After applying self-forgiveness for the positive, they are no loger the positive. Now my mind tried to fathom what it is from the starting point of polarity. The mind only knows positive/good/right and negative/bad/wrong. If it is not positive, it must be negative. If it is negative, it is bad - thus it is unacceptable. After applying self-forgivenss for the negative, they are no longer the negative. By my mind - if it is not negative, it must be positive. If it is positive, it is good - thus it is acceptable. This way I turned what I lived before into the complete opposite - yet still existing in polarities. Later on I realized this situation. I again applied self-forgiveness and the polarity turned over again - but still in polarities. Then I applied self-forgiveness for both polarities at the same time. My mind then ended up in total confusion. What the fuck is it if it is neither positive nor negative? lol

Now I've realized that the problem is that I have relied on polarity to decide what to accept and allow and what not. Within applying self-forgiveness to release definitions of polarity, I 'lost' the principle to live by. I did not undersatnd that what is acceptable and what is unacceptable can be determined from a principle that is not of polarity - the Principle of Equality and Oneness as Life as All as One as Equal - that which supports LIFE as what is Best for All practically is acceptable, that which does not support LIFE or what is Best for All is unacceptable. What is Best for All is not of polarity. LIFE is not of polarity.

Another idea that I created within my mind is that discernment is of polarity. Obiviously there is a discernment between self-honesty and self-dishonesty. There is no half measure between self-honesty and self-dishonesty. The question is why can't we just regard self-dishonesty and self-honesty as a pair of polarity and define self-honesty as good and self-honesty as bad? Isn't it just another form of re-definition?

Polarity exists as consciousness and supports the mind. When existing in polarity, the negative/bad/wrong is judged/denied/resisted. If I define self-dishonesty as bad, I will judge/deny/resist self-dishonesty, which is separation. In this process I can not separate myself from the self-dishonesties that I have accepted and allowed - I can not judge/deny/resist self-dishonesty although self-dishonesty is unacceptable. Why? The existence of self-dishonesty is through my acceptance and allowance - self-dishonesty is what I have accepted and allowed myself to become and thus I am responsible for its existence. Within defining self-dishonesty as bad and judging/denying/resisting it, I am separating myself from what I have accepted and allowed myself to become, abdicating self-responsibility, and thus having no power to stop/change/transform myself of self-dishonesty. Only when I take self-responsibility and stand one and equal with the self-dishonesties that I have accetped and allowed myself to become, do I have to the power to transform/purify it within the understanding that it is unacceptable because it is not who I really am as Life.

Another perspective about the statement that self-honesty and self-dishonesty is not a polarity pair is that self-honesty is not dependent on self-dishonesty. Self can exist in pure self-honesty without self-dishonesty. The existence of self-honesty is not dependent on the existence of self-dishonesty.

Life has always been here. Life is not dependent on Consciousness. Life is absolute. While in polarity the polar opposites are interdependent on each other to exist. Life is what is real while consciouseness is illusionary. What is real is not dependent on what is illusionary. The illusion can be eliminated/purified entirely. Life does not need consciousness to contrast its existence. Life is.

The solution is to remove/release polarity constructs within the absolute standing of/as Life as all as one as equal and state clearly what is accepatable and what is not acceptable according to what supports Life as what is best for all and what not. Thus release mind consciousness system construct and stand up as Life at the same time. The removal of consciousness/self-dishonesty and the standing up as Life within self-honesty is the same process. The Principle of Equality and Oneness as Life as all as one as equal is the stability point when all that has ever been known of self-dishonesty/the mind consciousness system crumble in applying self-forgiveness and the unkown as Life steps forth and is born from the physical.

Self is not Life currently but in the process of birthing Life. Self purifies self's self-dishonesty within and as self-honesty until all self-dishonesty is purified and Life is born from the physical. Self-honesty: Honor Self as LIFE.

"To stand as the Principle of Equality and Oneness Here – and stand as the living-statement of what self will accept and allow and what not."

Then it is to live what is acceptable and what is not acceptable PRACITALLY AND SPECIFICALLY within one's everday life every moment as every breath where self has true power.
So what can I do in my everyday life to assist and support myself? The following are some points that I have identified within myself and my world:

Bring myself here as breath whenever I go up into my mind.

Be aware of what is here - what I see what I hear what I smell what I taste what I touch within awareness that all is me. -- Be one and equal with the entire moment.

Observe/study myself as a mind consciousness system as thoughts, emotions, feelings, reactive behaviors, personalities, habits etc,-- the whole package of my self-definition as a MCS.

Stop participating in my mind as thoughts, emotions and feelings.

Apply the tools of self-forgiveness, self-corrective action, breathing and writing.

Discipline myself to be specific and practical.

Read/study materials of destni to assist and support self-awareness, self-realization.

Push myself through limitations/boundaries.

Stop existing in seclusion.

Participate actively in my everyday life to apply practically self forgiveness and what I have realized.

Express myself within self-honesty and self-trust. Point out self-dishonesties that I see in other beings, assisting and supporting other beings one and equal with me as me.

Design/develop practical solutions in my everyday life to assist and support myself to be effective.

Stop buying all unnecessary stuffs.

The above is a modified version of two blog posts that I publised on my Chinese blog on JULY-08-2009 and JULY-10-2009 which I am now moving here to this English blog.


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