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Practical Living Principle

A summary of the 'creation' process of illusions from an article by Desteni:

separation -> relationship -> self-analyzation -> interpretation -> perception -> idea -> belief -> illusionary reality within -> projection -> illusion reality without

The created result is layers upon layers of illusions both within and without.
Creation has become illusions layers upon layers. The illusion which is the mind is destroying the physical reality that which real - that is what we have accepted and allowed. Ironic, isn't it?

What is Self? Self is all and everything in this existence. All that exists is self. The inner reality is one and equal with the outer reality. What I accept and allow to exist within me create and manifest what exists without - one and equal. That which exists within and as this world which is actually me is existing within and as me. Thus BOTH the inner reality AND the outer reality are me. The concept of self that is interpreted/perceived to be separate from the outer manifestations within this world is false.

I can not judge the outer manifestation of murder, rape, war, child abuse, violence, starvation, control, enslavement, etc. Why? Because they are me. These manifestations exist because they exist within me as me through my acceptance and allowance. They are unable to manifest if they did not exist within me. Thus I am responsible for the outer manifestation in this world. If I judge/deny/resist the outer manifestations, I am separating my inner reality as me from the outer manifestation which is me. Within separation, I have given my power away to that which I have separated myself from and thus become less than that which I have created and have no power to direct creation as myself. Judgement/denial/resistance is abdication of self-responsibility - it is not seeing/understanding/realising that what I judge/deny/resist is actually me through my acceptance and allowance to exist within me as me and manifested without one and equal - thus I am responble.

The question that should be asked is whether the current manifestations in this existence as it currently exists acceptable? The obvious answer is no. The current 'creation' is atrocious to say the least. It is a disgrace to even call it creation - murder, rape, war, child abuse, violence, starvation, enslavement, deception... The current world is a fuck-up. That is a fact. It is delusional and is a serious mental disease to believe that everything is just fine. But I can not judge the fuck-up that which we call creation as judgment is separation and abdication of self-responsibility. Taking self-responsibility within realising that I have accepted and allowed myself to become this fucked-up existence and it is unaccpetable and that I must stop the fuck-up which is me through stopping myself from continuing to create such a fuck-up.

Since the current manifestation as self is a fucked-up existence and unacceptable and must stop, what is acceptable then? What do I accept and allow and what do I not accept and allow? What is the principle that determines/discerns what can be accepted and allowed and what can not be accepted and allowed? See, all and everything is me. The simple question to ask is - Am I able to allow a part of me as me to be more than another part of me as me? Can I allow a part of me to benefit at the cost of other's suffering? Definitely not! All is me. All is One. One equals One. All are Equal. The principle is Equality and Oneness as Life as All as One as Equal. The principle is who we really are! Who we really are is the standing and becoming of the principle of Equality and Oneness as Life as all as one as equal. The living self directive principle of Equality and Oneness as Life as All as One as Equal determines what I will accept and allow and what I will not accept and allow. The common sensical to ask is : How can I allow myself to NOT be who I really am? Why would I? That would surely indicate I have become lost then, wouldn't it?

Now the Living Self Directive Principle of Equality and Oneness as Life as all as one as equal has been established. It is to live the Principle PRACTICALLY. Practicality is a point that I have not yet fully lived as an expression of/as myself. What it actually means is still for me to investigate and discover. According to my understanding in the moment, one 'dimension' of practicality is to take into consideration the situations/conditions of the physical reality - for example, we require food, water, clothes, shelter etc to live in this physical reality and we require an income to get all these necessary resoureces. The physical is real. We have to consider how Equality and Oneness is to be lived in this physical reality - not in a mental projected reality where one can simply imagine things that have no relevance to the physical. To be more specific, the physical reality that I am interacting with is through my everday -life participation. So the specific practical application of the principle of Equality and Oneness is within my everyday life - to find practical solutions that align my world with this principle. I must first work with myself, purify myself and apply myself in my everyday life.

The Principle of Equality and Oneness as Life as All as One as Equal is not an abstract concept to be comprehended by/through the mind, instead it is to be lived as SELF PRACTICALLY HERE in this PHYSICAL Reality in every moment of every breath.

The specific application of the principle every moment as every breath is described in this article: Practically Creating The World as Acceptable to ALL


The above is a modification and expansion of a blog post that I publised on my Chinese blog on 2009-07-05 which I am now moving here to this English blog.


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