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What is destiny? What would be an acceptable definition of destiny that is in alignment with the principle of Equality and Oneness?

The dictionary definition of the word destiny is as follows(Merriam-Webster's Collegiate® Dictionary):

1 : something to which a person or thing is destined : FORTUNE
2 : a predetermined course of events often held to be an irresistible power or agency

According to my current understanding, I would define the word destiny as follows: Destiny is the Living Self Directive Principle of/as LIFE as All as One as Equal and/or the Manifestation thereof.

Destiny is not something out there separate from self. Destiny as LIFE is HERE within and as me in every moment of everty breath. The starting point has to be Self as the Directive Principle as Life as All as One as Equal HERE.

Everything is specific. Every moment is specific. I am here this moment at this place doing what I am doing is specific. Everything within the context of the Process of all beings in existence realizing ourselves as LIFE as All as One as Equal is specific.

What have we done and what have we become? We have separated ourselves from Life which is who we really are Equal and One with all of existence. Within separation, ee are existing as mind consciousness systems defined personality constructed by relationships that we have formed with all other points that we have separated ourselves from. This illusion as the mind defined personality will fight for its own survival. It fears losing itself and will hold onto it and try to maintain the relationships that are used to define itself. Within existing as such definitions we as the mind consciousness systems are maintaing the 'stability' of this consciousness illusionary reality - keeping all enslaved in it, trapped in it, forgeting who we really are completely. Why is it that who we are is dependent on something outside separate from ourselves? Strange? Yes! Who will I be without all those definitions? Will I become non-existent? lol. That is simply stupid and actually proves we have never actually really existed.

Within the realization that all those self-definitions are not real because they are dependent on the sources outside of me separate from me, I drop/release these definitions through self-forgiveness which allows me to amalgamate the separation points, and start to let the principle of equality and oneness as life as all as one as equal within and as me to step forth and manifest until all stand as and become the image and likeness of who we really are as Life as All as One as Equal!

The above is a modification and expansion of a blog post that I publised on my Chinese blog on 2009-07-04 which I am now moving here to this English blog.

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