Friday, December 18, 2009

words/definitions/languages limitation
"You cannot conceive the future. Within the context of what is now understood or within the language and definitions that now exist because the future will not be defined within the context or the words or the language that now exist. So therefore, it cannot be conceived. Because if you conceive it within the language that exist now, you’ll only repeat what is already here. "

This is also a point that i have realized. Our words/definitions/languages limits our understanding of what is possible. We can only think that which we know; we can only talk about that which is existing in our language. This is also why in order for the new to come, the words/defintions/languages will have to change too. New language brings in new insights and new possiblities that we have never even considered possible because we do not even have a word to describe it. The mind is limited within word defintions and language.

For example, the 'concept' that we are part of and one with the whole existence. My mind can not fathom this 'concept' because i had never used words in such a way-- it does not exist in my word/setencence structure/langugage. From my previous understanding, a part is only a part of the whole, a part can not be one with the whole; thus part of and one with was a contradictory expression and could not be understood/fathomed. This shows how we are limited by word definitions/languages -- we are limited by the words we have/use and the definition we give them to describe reality.

The future can not be fathomed because we do not have the words to describe it yet. Thus the language has to be developped to be in accordance with the unkown reality that is who we really are. Much change ahead.

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