Sunday, December 6, 2009


I am here as breath as attention as presence as awareness.

Here means remaining breath, being aware of each and every single breath. My attention is totally entirely Here as this moment as what i am doing. I am present in the moment. I am aware as the moment.

I am here. I remain as breath. I am breath. I am aware of me as breath. My attention is here. My presence is here.

Not being here is being up in the mind alternate reality -- projected out there. Doing something while thinking in the mind -- being somewhere out there. It is weird. I am physically here. Why do i need to be somewhere else? Why not be here. Where is my presence?

Why does death maifest? Death is the absence of self -- self not being present Here. Thus death is the manifestation of absence of self as Here as presence as awareness as breath as attention.

Give total attention to whatever i do Here in every moment as every breath. Whever i find myself not being Here as attention as presence as awareness as breath, i bring myself back here. No need to judge self. No need to panic. Simply bring self Here as breath as awareness as presence as attention.

Stop drifting into the mind alternate reality. Stop being leashed by thoughts/pictures/images/dramas. Stop playing movies/pictures/iamges/scenes up there somewhere. Be Here. Remain Here. I am Here. I am breath. I am attention. I am presence. I am awareness. I am nowhere else. Here is me. I am Here.

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