Tuesday, December 13, 2011

No More Models on Catwalks

The catwalk is a narrow platform that is elevated and is used by models to show clothing and other accessories during the course of a fashion show.[1]

Let’s have a look at this phenomenon. What is it based on? Pictures. The models are putting on ‘perfect’ make-ups, being ‘perfectly’ dressed, walking ‘elegantly’ – doing what? Present a picture. We see pictures everywhere in this world and we start to program ourselves with pictures as we grow up in this world and eventually we have come to define ourselves according to pictures. We are not actually living in the physical reality. We are living in our mental reality – pictures (such as models on catwalks) triggering energetic experiences such as desire which we accept and allow to direct ourselves without even questioning where they come from in the first place. Through those pictures we have built an idea of what is beautiful and what is fashionable. But none of that is actually real but are merely picture-related ideas that exist within our mind. Yet we believe them to be real and make decisions according to it, which just shows how easily human beings can be manipulated and controlled by illusions. Are we actually making a self-directive decision to buy a specific product merely because they are demonstrated by the models to be fashionable or are we being directed by the ideas/beliefs within our mind that we are programmed with through pictures to make that decision? Then who is making that decision? And who is actually benefiting from that decision? You or the company selling the product? What are you paying for? Usually impractical and uncomfortable clothes/shoes/accessories etc to reproduce that picture presentation demonstrated by the models - a picture/idea which is not yours in the first place.

Look at it. It is really just a picture. The clothes/shoes/accessories on those fashion shows are not designed with practicality and comfortableness as priorities but picture presentation overrides everything else. Those high heel shoes which are difficult for the models to manage their steps on the catwalk and tend to fall off the ground are but one explicit example of that principle. Yet it is the comfortableness and practicality that actually supports our human physical body.

There is nothing ‘wrong’ with clothing/shoes/accessories per se. It is the disregard of practical functioning of them to support our physical body and transforming them into merely pictures supporting delusional ideas which lead to decisions that promote the current consumerism economic system furthering the destruction of the physical reality that is the problem.

Within the equal money system (EMS) such things as models on catwalk as it currently exist which are merely picture presentations to serve the interest of the current abusive destructive economic system will be no more. The point of clothing /shoes/accessories etc and fashion thereof can be transformed into physical support and self-expression where we can investigate what we each one can do creatively about them in expressing ourselves. So the concept of fashion will definitely change in the EMS. It does not mean that everybody has to wear the same clothes[2]; instead it is opening up the door of each one’s creative self-expression rather than becoming the duplicated picture presentation we are sold through the fashion industry at this moment in the world.

[1] catwalk: http://www.articleworld.org/index.php/Catwalk

[2] Will everyone wear the same clothes in an Equal Money

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