Monday, December 12, 2011

No More Homeless with Equal Money

No doubt the problem of homelessness is prominent in our current system. According to researches done on the homeless problem in America – “EVEN IN THE FACE OF 1990s ECONOMIC PROSPERITY, homeless statistics show the number of homeless has remained stubbornly high. Between five and six hundred thousand people are considered ‘homeless’ at any given time - without a ‘permanent, safe, decent, affordable place to live’. (Granruth and Smith*).”[1]

The causes of homelessness such as poverty, economic depression, high housing cost and low salary [1] are all considered within the accepted framework of the current economic system without challenging the current system itself and sourcing the actual real origin point of the problem. Thus these factors are actually merely outflows of underlying fundamental problem (‘Fund Mental’ lol that says it all). The problem is deeply rooted within our accepted Mentality of life and money and the current economic system that is an external representation and reflection of/as who we have accepted and allowed ourselves to be within, where within we fund/invest in our mind system/mental reality while destroying our physical body – equal and one without manifested as the destruction of the physical reality as nature/animal kingdom/ocean through and as funding/investing in our current economic system.

Isn’t it insane that we have come to accept and allow that we have accepted survival as the way of life? Isn’t it insane that we have come to accept and allow money to determine whether we live or die? If you have no money - you have no food, you have no drinking water, you have no clothes to wear, you have no house to live in and thus you have no right to live in this world. We have come to accept and allow that we require to buy the right to live and thus life has become a constant struggle and survival! And we call this living? What a fucking joke!

Within in an Equal Money System(EMS) the whole paradigm changes. Life rather than abuse of life, is honored. Equality and what is Best for All is the foundational principle. Each one born into this reality is ensured a dignified life. The basic needs of everyone such as food, drinking water, clothes, housing, health care and education etc will be taken care of on the basis that we are living beings. And thus our lives will not be based on survival but actual living. Poverty, economic depression and high housing cost etc that are equated as causes of homelessness in the framework of our current economic system will also exist no more in EMS as they are outflow derivatives of our current economic system that is based on profit and greed and driven by survival. (To learn more how EMS works please read reference [2]). Thus EMS solves the problem of homelessness from the root rather than just bandaging it.

No more homeless with equal money!



[2] Equal money System:

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