Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The End of Animal Extinction Caused by Greed/Profit/Harming the Environment

Our current economic system is based on greed and profit. Obviously within such a system life is not the first priority as everything is equated in terms of how much profit can be gained to feed man’s greed. The result is this world as currently is – where we are busy destroying everything on earth that which is real which is the physical reality as nature, ocean and the animal kingdom, within which we are also creating our own demise. The problem of animal extinction due to human activities harming the environment through our acceptance and allowance of the current economic system is but a precise reflection of what we are busy doing to ourselves.

There may be different causes for species extinction. However habitat destruction due to human activities has been identified currently as the main cause of species extinction worldwide. “Clearing habitats for agriculture is the principal cause of habitat destruction. Other important causes of habitat destruction include mining, logging, trawling and urban sprawl.” Actually all human activities can be traced back to money and how money functions in our current economic system which is through each and every single human being’s acceptance, allowance and participation and thus we are all equally responsible for the current status of this world – in this specific example the destruction of habitat and species extinction. Money has a say on everything we do. If we investigate that within self-honesty, we will see that everywhere – we can see how money determines our life on an individual scale and how this whole world functions on the bigger scale.

It is self-evident and beyond discussion that nature, the animal kingdom and the entire earth are being abused by human – used by human for profit and greed which only feeds human ego as the illusionary idea that somehow human species is more than other species on earth. The fucked-upness of this world doubtlessly reveals the true nature of man. Earth is our home. Animals are our equals. What advanced species would be stupid enough to destroy one’s own home and treat its equals as slaves?

The equal money system (EMS) is the solution for mankind so that we can actually live as custodians of earth in harmony with nature and the animal kingdom and everything that is here. The EMS is based on the principle of what is best for all – best for all the living beings. Profit and greed will be no more the driving force as they currently are in the current economic system. And thus human, animal, plant and the natural environment are all equally considered so that all living beings on earth can enjoy our living here on earth. Particularly, the principal cause of species extinction which is habitat destruction due to agriculture will be solved in the EMS due to the change in how food will be manufactured and produced in EMS [2] as only very little land will be required to mass-produce food under controlled environments using the technology that already exist in this world. A lot of stuff that are involved with biofuel such as sugar and corn etc that are produced in the current system will no more be needed due to the end of competition and thus many species’ habitats will be restored as vast regions of earth return to its natural condition. “Most of the farmland in the world will become the home of animals again, and most of the fences will be removed so that animals can roam the world again…” [2] Fascinating, EMS will bring heaven on earth – a heaven for all living beings!


[1] Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Habitat_destruction#cite_note-1

[2] How would food be manufactured and produced?


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