Saturday, April 17, 2010

application for the development of political leaders

Hi Bernard,

I intend to become politically active in People's Republic of China.

I see the inevitability of the realization of self as Life as all as one as equal -- the desteni of the universe. The whole Existence is in this process of self-realization. The intrinsic meaning of "my life" Here exists within aligning myself with this process and contributing to my best to bring all to the realization of self as Life within oneness and equality.

Within the context of the Process of the whole existence, i see the inevitalbe realization of equality among all human beings within the current unequal status. What is necessary to be done to bring all human beings to equality is the implementation of the equality system -- equal money,equal labor and equal education system -- to replace the current system that is supporting abuses of Life and atrocities in this world. The equality system requires actual physical implementation.

Considering the current situation of the world being separated by countries, the implementation of the equality system world wide requires adjustments and preparations in individual countries with leaders/participants understanding the big picture of the unification of all human beings to equality within the context of the whole existence being in the Process of realization of self as Life as all as one as equal. Thus participation in politics in individual conturies is required to bring the equality system world-wide into reality.

Considering my placement in this world in terms of what i can do to contribute in this Process,specifically the preparation within individual countries for the implementation of the equality system , i immediately see my effective position in China -- the country where i was born and spent most of my life. In China there is the main party in power -- the Chinese Communist Party. Although what this party is currently doing is not supporting equality, the fact that it is at least named a communist party with its maximum program being the realization of Communism and its tenet "Serve the people wholeheartedly" that is being widely propagandized are at least not in contradiction with the equality and oneness principle. The political foundation that is laid out by the Chinese Communist party is able to be used for the implementation of an equality system world-wide. Actually in Janunary this year, I had this 'idea' coming up of transforming the Chinese Communist Party into Life Party -- that is what i named it at that time. I even thougt about some basic principles for this party. The foundation of this party is based on the 'trinity': The Law of equality and oneness -> Equality and Oneness as Life as all as one as equal as who I really am as who we all really are -> Common Sense as what is best for all. The tenet of the party is "Serve the best interest of all wholeheartedly" as an analogy of the tenet of the Chinese Communist Party. I placed the maximum program of the Chinese Communist Party i.e. 'realization of Communism' as the medium program in Life Party. What i mean by 'realization of communism' is the realization of the equality system in the whole world and thus the realization of equality among all human beings. I placed the maximum program of the Life Party as 'Realization of the authentic self as Life as all as one as equal', i.e. the realization of the whole existence as self as Life as all as one as equal -- the desteni of the universe. The minimum program of Life Party needs to be designed specifically according to different situations, but it must be in agreement with and serve for the realization of the medium program and finally the maximum program. Considering the current situation in the world, the main goal of the minum program is to make preparations in individual countries for the realization of the equality system. So my 'plan' is to join the Chinese Communist Party, transform it into Life Party, and implement the three programs of Life Party practically and physically until it is done.

I know that is not going to be easy. I have to take into consideration of my current situation and prepare myself effectively. Currently i am majoring in physics as a graduate student in USA. In order to go back to China in the future and participate in politics effectively to implement my 'plan', I am required to align myself with the process and prepare myself efffectively. I have taken two main actions regarding my current situation in aligning and preparing myself within this process. One action is the participation in the SRAT course, which assists and supports me in understanding how the mind works and stopping the mind constructs effectively, although i am currently having difficulty keeping up with the course. The other action is to change my research field to a more potentially useful and practical area -- biochemical physics -- which is closely related to 「System Theory」 which studies in general the properties of complex systems, although the word system used here may not be of the exact same connotation as is used in desteni. Also since i have never been interested in or even considered politics before, i am required to familiarize myself with how politics works and especially i need to know Chinese Communist Party more. So I have done some research on Chinese Communist Party and found that some of the words they used, the specific word placements, and the way sentences are structured are effective. Although the main problem of the party is that the words are not lived/applied/implemented effectively. In this research process i also found some real beings in China -- those who really care and are making a difference within their current situations, who i will probablly work with in the future. However, this level of preparation in politics is far from sufficient. I want to participate in the 'development of political leaders' to receive specific trainings to prepare specifically the way before me -- going back to China and implementing the plan of transforming the Chinese Communist Party into Equal Life Party and preparing for the implementation of the equality system, realizing the equality system and finally the realization of all self as Life within oneness and equality.
This is the reason why i want to take this road.