Monday, January 11, 2010

Stagnation vs Stability

Stagnation is the unchanging of self-definition as knowledge and experience of self as interpretation of reality through knowledge -- dead, static and limited -- the old pattern repeting over and over and over and over and over again, never changing -- nothing new.

Stability is the unchanging of who i really am as Life as all as one as equal beyond any defintion in this world -- no matter where i am, with whom i am, within what situation i am, what form i take -- whatever changes, who i really am as Life as all as one as equal does not change, remain stable. The experience of self is self-expression as Life-expression as the unfolding of the infinite potential of who i really am as who we really are within oneness and equality -- not stagnant, static, dead, limited, but dynamic and expressive, yet stable within and as who i am and who we all are as Life as all as one as equal. Who I AM as LIFE as all as one as equal does not change as the stability/stillness as the core of being, yet the experience of self is the unfolding of the unknown manifestation and expression of the infinite potential -- never ending, never boring, never limited.

I remember a metaphor as a jet -- being stable/still yet moving very fast at the same time. Or the metaphor of the stillness of breath within a storm. Or the metaphor of typhoon -- the eye of typhoon as the inner core of being as stillness as stability and the outer realm of tyhoon as the experience of self as-expression.

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