Monday, January 11, 2010

world/self view

Be open. Always be ready to change according to where the universal process requires. Yet at the same time there is the stability -- the stability of who i am as Life as all as one as equal. Who i am is not defined by anything -- not by knowledge, not by information, not by relationships, not by what i look like, not by race, not by color, not by the form that i take, not by anything in this world. Who i am is Life as all as one as equal and this is the stability as who i am. Because of this stability of who i am as Life as all as one as equal, i will not hold onto anything in this world because i do not define myself according to anything in this world, thus i do not fear changing any of these things -- they are not who i am. Thus i am not static. I am dynamic. Yet who i am as Life as all as one as equal is stable. Who i am is not defined by anything in this world and that is why i am willing to change, that is why i do not resist change. If i fear change, that simply indicates that i have defined myself according to something.

Here i found an analogue. The static self view corresponds to entity reality world view. The dynamic stable self view corresponds to the realization of self as substance as Life as all as one as equal within the unending process as the unfolding of the infinite potential as self-expression.

Change and live the world/self view to be in harmony with reality!!!!!!

Experience confirms knowledge! But how could this happen? Interpretation! Knowledge as self-definition is the mind as the prism perceiving reality. When you use this prism to perceive reality, you interpret reality according to what you know -- experience is always limited within the knowledge because experience is interpretation through knowledge, thus experience always confirms the knowledge within limitation. If you regard knowledge as a static entity you will always confirm the limitation that you have accepted and allowed through experience as limited interpretation through knowledge. So it is a closed loop: knowledge -> interpretation of reality as experience through knowledge -> confirming knowledge -> ... It is dangerous to hold onto a vision of knowledge as fixed static truth of reality because this will lead to confirmation of limitation by experience which is interpretation of reality through knowledge as limitation. Be ready to change! Break down knowledge as limitation. Do not hold onto a view of static fixed knowledge as the truth of reality.

Ego is fixed static dead knowledge as limitation, seeking all ways to protect itself to remain unchanged. I can not find who i really am as stability within knowledge because knowledge is not reality as it is. (the living word expressed as written and spoken words is self as reality but only when applied and applied become who i really am).

Self is seeking stability, but has mistaken knowledge as self, thus protecting knowledge as self-definition. And this leads to absolute stagnation and limitation. Self as stability does not exist in knowledge -- trying to make knowledge stable is limitation.

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