Monday, November 21, 2011

Equal Money System FAQ: What will happen to the elite blood lines?

What will happen to the elite blood lines?

The elite is a result of the current system that we are all equally responsible for – a system of profit and greed, a system of evolution – ever losing, within which we become less and less and less within abdicating ourselves for survival. The elite has as much power as we give them. We are all equally responsible for the current status of the world as it exists through our acceptance and allowance of who we are within our participation in the current system. Thus we created this world as the image and likeness as what we accepted and allowed ourselves to be as separation, abuse and inequality.

Within the equal money system, the foundational principle is what is best for all. Thus we will establish a system that values life and remove survival from the equation of each one’s life. We honour each other as who honour ourselves and we actually practically live the principle of ‘love thy neighbour as thyself’. No one will have power and control over another and thus elitism will end in the equal money system.

As each one will face what we accepted and allowed within the system of inequality, so will the elite. The accepted self-definition of the elite as being apparently more than other human beings and the practice of power and control over others thereof through whatever means is actually a dishonour of who they really are as life and thus an acceptance of self-abuse and self-limitation, which requires assistance and correction. They will be re-educated with the value of life and realize that what is best for all is also what is best for themselves. The resources that are provided by the earth and nature and the products that are produced by human thus will be available to all equally to benefit all equally.

Since we all accepted and allowed and participated in the current system and are thus are all equally responsible for what is here in this world, it is not valid to judge and blame the elite for why the world is what it is and use that as justification to seek revenge. Revenge only brings more revenge. The only way to stop the cycle of harming each other is forgiveness. Forgive each other as ourselves and make sure we do not create such harm and abuse ever again.

Reference: What will happen to the Elite? -- Equal Money FAQ

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